author gets another all-clear – and this time it’s even clearer!

I had an epiphany last week, whereby the next addition to my literary series The Rowlings Years materialised before my eyes seemingly out of nowhere. Not in some finished, concrete form, of course, but in its outer structure; rather like that of a building; a house, me, as author, its designer – said project, by the way, if you’ve since forgotten, being that of three consecutive sequels in novella form; a mini trilogy within the trilogy, you might say.

Well, my journey from last week to this has been equally fascinating – as someone who recently replied to my last post states: “Inspiration comes when and where it wants!” Fascinating this time around in that not only have I already created the book covers for all three books – which you’re not going to see just yet – but, in creating them, they, in turn, have inspired me further; the result so being that I now feel all three books will act as the perfect stepping stones for subsequent books, further down the line.

Phillip Rowlings has a long way to go yet.

I’ve wanted to keep you updated as I feel you’ve been with me from the project’s inception – or in other words, because I couldn’t keep my mouth shut for a mere week, whereby this blog post, or indeed last week’s, would have been unnecessary, but then where would be the fun be in that?

“Inspiration comes when and where it wants!”

Indeed it does.

And you have to admit that my having invited you in at the outset entails you coming along with me, upon this author’s journey, from start to finish – how great is that!

As for concrete details, regarding this week and last, this is how matters now find themselves:

Firstly, creating the book covers inspired changes in the titles, or minor tweaks. And they are as follows:

The All-clear; an anti-romance novella

The Battleaxe of Hastings; an anti-hist fic novella

Broken Strings; an anti-chick lit novella (some of you may even be relieved to see this one; and that last week’s title has since taken a nosedive off Hastings Pier).

Each title is a play on words in some form or other, if never for the sake of it and is very relevant as always.

As with the previous books in the series also, music acts as some form of catalyst, with regard to plot. And as tempted as I am to name each piece of music to do ‘its thing’ in its respective novella, well, I’ll resist for the time being. But yes, again, you can expect music.

I’m not about to say much else, for the while, save that my aforementioned fascination, with regard to the creative process thus far, derives, as mentioned above, from what inspires me. Or rather how one aspect of creativity may help to create another. I can honestly state that in this last week, book covers have inspired changes and tweaks in book titles, and vice versa; songs have been introduced, and others axed, based on said titles and so on… and so it goes.

What inspires a book?

For me? Anything and everything.

See you again very soon.


You literary, theatrical, friend

18 thoughts on “author gets another all-clear – and this time it’s even clearer!

  1. I think all writers absorb ideas like a sponge with our subconscious and then when we hit a creative plateau it all comes to the surface and we get an idea. When I wrote Timeless A Paranormal archaeological adventure, I had just seen a program on a archaeological dig in the middle of a river. They were recovering a small ship that had gone down, one of a group of three, that was exploring the river. They built a cofferdam so they could recover the ship without having to dive. That one show got me interested in cofferdams, scuba diving, marine archaeology, and half a dozen other things that all ended up in a book about recovering carved stones in Loch Maree, Scotland. Any small thing can trigger that creative genus and get us going. And what fun it is that we can pour our ideas into one single book.

    • Absolutely, Teresa – I cannot agree more. In fact, going on what you’ve just related, I’ll let you in on a little secret, and that is, with the first of the novellas, it kind of came about through my having come across a webpage about neurology. Very interesting, it was. So much so that the book was born! 😀 I’ll say no more 😉

      Thanks for popping in 🙂

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