Dreaming of Orwell… (a review of D. K. Cassidy’s The Dreamers)

The Dreamers (Insomnolence #2)The Dreamers by D.K. Cassidy
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I’m now waiting for the film/movie.

I’ve become a fan of this author, in that I love her versatility. Each book is quite different from the next, re-genre and style. One might of course argue against this last case since The Dreamers is in fact a sequel to The Sleepless. The thing is that I somehow managed to miss the latter, but thought I’d plunge right in with the former anyhow… and that’s the sign of a good book: the ease with which I was able to go with the flow, and put two and two together when need be…

There has to be a film/movie adaption of this book/series – I’m thinking Orwell’s 1984. And there are indeed Orwellian threads weaving their way through, whilst at the same being a unique read – what a superb idea! It appears so simple on the surface, but the author had to come up with the idea and then write it so well. Those living on one side of the wall, who sleep; while those on the other don’t.

As for the writing it’s wonderfully concise and coherent, and, I must add, comprehensible – if, for those of you like me, you happened to miss out on the prequel. But then I’d also advise you to purchase the prequel anyhow: I’d bet my home it’s more than worth it. And that’s where I’m off to now. Not home but to purchase the first book…



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