about me…

I’m Chris and it’s lovely to meet you.

I was born and bred in the city of steel: Sheffield.

I spent – or misspent, whichever your viewpoint – the majority of my ‘young’ years on the Northern Soul circuit, which mainly consisted of trips to Wigan’s Casino Club just about every weekend. I mention this because it’s around the time and place that my first novel – Wood, Talc and Mr. J: We never had it so good… – is set. You’ll find chapter 2 by clicking onto read an extract; I hope you’ll take a look.

My academic education came much later, from scratch, in a sense.

I fell in love with the idea of languages, French in particular, and went on to get a BA Hons in French Language and Literature at The University of Sheffield.

After that, I moved down south – mid 90s – and eventually further still to the South of France for a few years, where I taught English. I then moved to the north of France to do much the same, and it was here where I began to write, or experiment with writing.

I came back to England in the mid-noughties and lived in North London for five years, still teaching and writing.

For the last six years I’ve lived in Norwich, where I’ve completed a Masters in Literary Translation, at the UEA.

I am now available for translation, as well as proofreading, editing and formattting – with a bit of voice over work on the side. Let’s not forget I write my own books, too.

My personal tastes in literature range from Molière and Shakespeare to Conan-Doyle and Poe to Camus and Sillitoe to E. Schmitt and Funder. I’m picky, and like to take my time with a book, expect each word to count; something I can come back to again and again…

Anything else, feel free to ask. I look forward to you dropping by…

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