proofreading & copy editing

“What’s your favourite part of writing?”

“The editing. Yes, I know, it’s fun, getting all your ideas down on paper, covering that blank sheet. But what I call ‘the real writing’ is, in effect, the editing. And I’m continually amazed by the fact that so many authors today don’t see it that way.” 

Author Chris Rose, May, 2016.

Leading on from the aforementioned dreaded typo – see my proofreading page – one of the many symptoms of “our ever quickening world and its ever growing demands” – and which often gives indie authors a bad name – stems from an insufficient amount of time allocated to the edit; the real writing.

Again. Remember, quality over quantity.

If, however, your time is limited, I can guarantee that your wonderful story receives the attention it deserves, the result so being that it reads with ease, void of grammatical error, and both with semantic and stylistic coherence. I hasten to add also that your story will remain your story, in style and substance.

And once again, remember that, to get the ball rolling, I work for free.

I proofread, copy edit, or translate, a part of your project, i.e., a first chapter of a novel. After which, providing you’re satisfied, you pay in advance for each subsequently agreed upon section – i.e., a novel may be cut into two, three or four parts. And throughout which we remain in continual contact.

I’m not happy unless you’re happy.

FOR PROOFREADING AND COPY EDITING, I charge £9.00 / $11.20 / €10.50 per 1000 words.

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