A well written book relies on a number of factors, beginning with the elimination of the dreaded typo.

 In order to keep up with our ever quickening world and its ever growing demands, speed is at a premium. As a result, many authors, particularly in self-publishing, have a tendency to rush their works through – see my copy editing services.

Remember, quality over quantity.

Even so, thanks to my 6 years of experience as an editor, proofreader, and translator, as well as to my qualifications – I have a Masters in Literary Translation – I can, via a studious, twofold approach, fully guarantee a typo-free manuscript or article; initially, each piece of work is dealt with by me, before moving onto my partner. She, too, hails from a literary and linguistic background.

Before that, just to get the ball rolling, I work for free – but don’t get too excited!

I proofread, copy edit, or translate, a part of your project, i.e., a first chapter of a novel. After which, providing you’re satisfied, you pay in advance for each subsequently agreed upon section – i.e., a novel may be cut into two, three or four parts. And throughout which we remain in continual contact.

I’m not happy unless you’re happy.

FOR PROOFREADING ONLY, here’s what I charge: £6.50 / $8.50 / €7.70 per 1000 words… though I am willing to negotiate the price of each project as a whole…

Here’s where to make contact >>> contact me

“One of the cleverest of authors!”