“What is it you love about Translation? And why Literary Translation?”

“Because I love language, and I love to write. Literary Translation is the editing part an author goes through, having already ‘written’ the book. What could be finer!”

Author Chris Rose, May, 2016.

One of the aspects I love about Literary Translation is the contact I have with an author; that is, with regard to how s/he might want a piece of work ‘translated’. Should it retain its French/Spanish flavour, or perhaps read ‘unlike’ a translation?

I am also willing to translate national newspapers, magazines, books, websites, and promotional material…

Via the aforementioned, studious, twofold approach, I fully guarantee a typo-free manuscript or article; initially, each piece of work is dealt with by me, before moving onto my partner. She, too, hails from a literary and linguistic background, and in fact teaches French and Italian in a secondary school.

I translate a part of your project, i.e., a first chapter of a novel. After which, providing you’re satisfied, you pay in advance for each subsequently agreed upon section – i.e., a novel may be cut into two, three or four parts. And throughout which we remain in continual contact.

Again, I’m not happy unless the author is happy.

TRANSLATION FROM FRENCH OR SPANISH TO ENGLISH, I charge £70 / $90 / €82 per 1000 words.

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“You’ll want to find out more about Chris Rose. Discover why Chris is such the word-smith. Quite a linguist.”